So, first: Spoilers, majorly, ahead. But once again, I feel I must repeat this: If you are honestly worried about this being spoiled, turn off the computer, go to the library and read these books. NOW

Second: Normally, I have headings like Biggest OMG Moment, etc., but I think we can all understand that with HBP, we are way beyond that. So I’m just going to free-flow my thoughts here.

How Crazy Does…: Harry seem in this book? I mean the obsessing with Draco and the Room of Requirement, I tell you! I knew that he was 100% right and still I was like “oye, Harry. move on.” The boy is STUBBORN! I think this obsession was greatly overlooked in the movie (and rightfully so. how boring would that be?) and I really forgot how crazed he is in stalking Malfoy.

The Look of Love: So Harry and Ginny, eh? I know there are some people who absolutely HATE this pairing. I, personally, am a fan of it. Although, I do tend to feel like it’s rather sudden (from Harry’s standpoint, not Ginny’s). I realize it takes the whole book to develop, but there aren’t even HINTS about a possibility in earlier books (hello, Cho!). I must admit, I secretly always thought Harry and Luna would be hysterically, wonderfully and absurdly awesome together, but that just doesn’t end well, you know? Harry and the Weasley’s, however, it’s like the perfect package. If only there wasn’t that pesky little problem with a certain Wizard-Formerly-Known-As-Tom.

But, where, oh where, IS the Wizard-Formerly-Known-As-Tom?: Right? I mean, we never actually see him or hear from him. Always by proxy. (Or in memory.) Never first-hand. The only other book this happens in is PoA. Kinda makes you wonder what he’s been up to while Draco’s been having a rough year.

And I Must Admit: I do feel bad for the kid. Draco, that is. I mean, talk about peer pressure. And I’m assuming, much like tattoos, Dark Marks are probably not easily removed from ones’ skin. It’s a lifestyle, I will say.

One of My Favorite On-Going Things: In these books is Professor Trelawney’s amazingly accurate faux-predictions. If you read her predictions, many of them have a tendency to come true. Not all, but a lot. And I enjoy that.

Really, Though: This book is about the Half-Blood Prince. And, likewise, the mystery that is Severus Snape. There’s a line towards the end of the book about how Harry didn’t notice until it was too late that the HBP started out seemingly nice and helpful, but slowly morphed to darker and darker tendencies. What a thought on Snape at Hogwarts, huh?

But Who, On the Other Hand Is: R.A.B.? aka freer of the Horcrux. If you’ve been paying attention, this is one of the easiest clues to solve in the entire series (in my opinion).

Movie Thoughts: I saw the movie so long ago (and at midnight!) that I’m not quite prepared to do a full review. Maybe if I see it again. But, I do HAVE to point out how awesome I thought the two “young” Tom Riddle’s were. A lot of people were upset they didn’t get the original one from Chamber of Secrets, but I thought these two were awesomely creepy AND charismatic. In other words, perfection.

Dumbledore. : I’m not sure why, but I’m far more upset about Dumbledore after this reading than any other prior. Maybe it’s because instead of plowing through the entire book in one or two days, I was forced to read it chapter by chapter and let it really sink in? Shrugs. Not sure, but honestly, Dumbledore is one of the coolest characters on the planet. (Which, incidentally, is my reasoning on why no one can seem to fully grasp him on film…) And it’s positively heart-wrenching to know that he was slowly dying all year and he knew it.

Quick After Thought: Quidditch: Personally, I’ve always been disappointed in the Quidditch Cup in this book. Harry’s captain (woohoo!) but only really gets to play one game. AND he completely misses his last (and presumably final) game due to detention. Kind of a let-down.

HPRC Update: I’m not sure I can go right into Deathly Hallows. I’m depressed after reading about Dumbledore, and to know all the sadness that’s coming up in DH. Oye. Think I need a bit of fluff between the two. BUT! I’m totally adding Tales of Beedle the Bard to the challenge. I mean, it’s like 50 pages, so it’s not asking terribly much, really.


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