HPRC: Book the Fifth

S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S! Rah!

Harry Potter Reading Challenge

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Days: Seriously, I cannot remember. Well over a month (which is HIGHLY depressing).

Pages Read: Page 1 (Dudley Demented) – Page 870 (The Second War Begins)

Full Disclosure: I read this entire book while on a mini vacation at the lake with no internet service. So, basically, I’m doing the whole book in one post. Woot! Carry On.

Biggest OMG moment: When Harry hears via Extendable Ears that he’s being possessed by L.V.

Biggest HOLY CRAP that’ll come back in a later book moment: Well, obviously, the prophecy. But also the lovely (read: horrid) Dolores Umbridge. And Kreacher. Oh, Kreacher. Have we got plans for you.

Let’s Address the Obvious Immediately: So, Sirius. Sigh. Uber depressing, right? I’ve reread this book at least five times now and every time I switch between who I blame for his death. I mean, reading that scene where Hermione is spot on in calling the “Vision” a fake one is positively horror-inducing. When push comes to shove, I think Hagrid is right and that Sirius would have wanted to go fighting. There was no way he was just sitting at the house with Harry in trouble. I mean, he ate RATS for him! An equally upsetting moment in the book is when Harry refinds the mirror that Sirius gave him. If only he had looked at it! He could have talked to Sirius ALL THE TIME. Heavy sigh. Another Marauder bites the dust because of Voldemort.

Similarly, How Confused Was Everyone by Dumbledore?: So, obviously, if you have read the book, you know why Harry was constantly ignored by Dumbledore. But goodness, that is not easy to read. Nor, now that I’m thinking about it, is Harry’s sudden angsty-ness. I totally get it. I mean, I’d be a little upset if I were him. PLUS having to experience L.V.’s emotions along with your own? Cannot be fun. But Dumbledore. That was just frustrating. But after his talk with Harry at the end, I just feel so sad for him!

Fred and George, however, Had the Best Year Ever: After last year’s bad year for Fred and George, it was awesome to have these to back to their normal, mischievous selves. And that exit? Oh Man. That is the stuff of legends (that the movie didn’t even get close to achieving.)

But What About the Prophecy?: If anyone was particularly surprised by the prophecies revelations, they weren’t paying attention the last couple of books. What’s more interesting is who exactly was listening to that prophecy…

Lessons Learned from Order of the Phoenix: Don’t mess with centaurs or giants.

Quick movie related story: Since I basically watched an annotated version of this film, I decided I shouldn’t review it. But, I wanted to share the best line that was added to the movie. BY FAR it is Harry’s response to Umbridge’s plea for help as she gets carried away by centaurs: “Sorry, Professor, but I must not tell lies.” It might be one of the most amazing responses I’ve heard in awhile. I mean, throwing her own evil lessons back at her? Awesome. Even better was the fact the whole theater stood and applauded at that moment during the midnight showing of the release day. LOVE.

I Really Have No Idea How to Address that Final Fight Scene: I really don’t. So much action. So much sadness. So many random spells. BAH! It makes me nervous just THINKING about it! (Also, I always feel really bad about all the broken stuff. I mean, no more time turners. half the prophecies were smashed. that’s a heckuva lot of cleanup.)

Finally, My Second Favorite Part of this Book: Aside from Fred and George, my second fave thing about OotP is Dumbledore’s Army. The whole premise is awesome. Harry really starts to grow up in those scenes if you ask me. Also, it’s where secondary characters really start to shine, and believe me, down the road that’ll come in handy.


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