HPRC: Lord Voldemort, Come On Down!

watch your eyes! spoilers lurking everywhere!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter Reading Challenge Days: 39

Pages Read: Page 605 (The Third Task) – 734 (The Beginning)(or The End…of This Book)

Biggest OMG moment: The reveal of Mad-Eye Moody. Because, honestly, the whole Voldemort coming back thing was obviously OMG worthy, but it had to happen eventually, right? The truth behind the crazy eye COMPLETELY caught me off guard. The reason why I’ll discuss later.

Biggest HOLY CRAP that’ll come back in a later book moment: Um, Voldemort getting back on his feet again? (quite literally.) And the means of how he accomplished this feat as well (he’s really just not good at reading the fine print on potions and spells. and wands.).

Why Moody’s Doppelganger Totally Fooled Me: So, Moody is obviously suspicious at many points in the book. He shows up everywhere, ya know? BUT I always was like, Dude! He taught Harry how to fight the Imperius Curse. Which totally helps Harry down the road in his quest again Voldemort & Co. I totally understand why he was helping out Harry so much (needed him to get the Tourney Trophy first) AND why he was teaching the students (had to convince everyone that he was, in fact, Moody) but there is no reason for him to teach Harry how to toss the Imperius Curse. Makes zero sense to me. Which was why I was so surprised when Moody turned out to not be Moody. How slick is JKR? (Poor Winky though.)

Another What If Musing: So, at the end of the book, our fave Slytherin Draco once again points out that he gave Harry the option to choose the right side of the wizarding world (read: the evil one). And I got to wondering, what if Harry HAD befriended Draco? I mean, other than getting reminded of Dudley, Harry had no reason to dislike Draco. He didn’t know that Draco’s dad was BFF with the guy who killed Harry’s parents. And I’m not sure Draco would have understood the significance of making Harry his friend. I mean, does he get invited to tea by the Malfoys? Do they hang out at the QWC? Does Harry join the Evil Side and be like “Hey Voldy, let’s skip the creepy graveyard scene and how about I just give you my blood?” Talk about your star-crossed friendships. Plus, what would Crabbe and Goyle have done?

Of the Three Tasks: Since we’ve now read about all three tasks (and the one extra bonus task!), I think my fave of the three was the Second (aka hang out with the Merpeople). Mostly because you had to have logic (to figure out the egg), bravery (dealing with all the creepiness in that lake!) and act quickly to succeed. The third task (Maze) was awesome for Harry, because – as numerous people in the book pointed out – for him, it was just the normal end to every school year. Fight some monsters. Save lives. Hang out with Voldy. Same old, Same old., ya know?

Does Anyone Else: Agree with Faux-Moody that Voldemort totally let the Death Eaters off easy? I mean, if I’m a Dark Lord and I get kicked out of my body, I would expect some respect. And help. And if it took ten-plus years before anyone showed up and a few more before one of my peeps showed up (and Wormtail, no less.) I would SO not be a happy camper. I don’t, however, agree with Faux-Moody that he would be rewarded for killing Harry. I think HWSNBN would have been uber upset if someone else did the deed for him. I mean, you can’t brag to your friends (and foes) about your assistant killing your 15ish year old arch-enemy. You know, the one that you totally haven’t been able to kill yet. No. I don’t think that would have flown.

I Warned About Percy: But now it’s time to keep your eyes on Snape (Although Percy does continue his Demise Spiral in the coming books). He’s been given a super secret task by Dumbledore and for some reason, I don’t think it’s throwing Harry a surprise party. :cue creepy music:

And Rita: You totally deserved what you got.


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