HPRC: The Tournament of Champions!

Spoilers are below this line.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter Reading Challenge Days: 34-39

Pages Read: Page 193 (Mad-Eye Moody) – 604 (The Pensieve)

Biggest OMG Moment: Harry’s name being spit out of the Goblet of Fire hands down. Thus producing many more OMG moments, but nothing nearly as OMG-worthy as that moment.

Biggest HOLY CRAP that’ll come back in a later book moment: There’s a TON of foreshadowing in GoF (especially for the ending of the book), but I have to admit, the moment that hit me the most as ‘Wow, that’s where it all started, eh?’ on this read-thru was Percy Weasley’s fall from normal semi-annoying Percy to WTF Percy.

On the Triwizard Tourney Thus Far: So Harry TOTALLY lucked out on the second task. I mean, seriously. If we’re being honest, he lucked out in both tasks, but in the first task (with la dragon) he only had a little push. But in the second task, he would have literally been left without a chance in the world had Dobby not saved the day. (And imagine if the invisibility cloak hadn’t slipped off of him when he was sleeping! Would have slept right through the entire task!)

So this S.P.E.W. thing…: While Hermione brings up fantastic points, it really does get semi-annoying. But without spew we would have re-discovered Dobby. And Dobby’s collection of socks are freaking awesome. (He and I share a love of odd socks. Although I tend to wear ones that match.)

Love is in the Air: This is seriously when all the hormones start raging. Harry wants Cho (but Cho likes Cedric, who likes her back). Ginny wants Harry (but goes to the Yule Ball with Neville). Ron likes Hermione (but chooses to ignore this). Hermione likes Ron (but she also likes Krum. And according to Rita Skeeter, Harry as well.) It’s like a regular soap opera at Hogwarts.

My least fave thing about this book: Fred and George are so wrapped up with their super secret letter writing that they never get to be as awesome as they are in other books. Bums me out.

The Pensieve: How disturbing are those courtroom scenes in the Pensieve. I can never decide whether Barty Crouch, Jr., would have actually been okay had his father spared him Azkaban. I mean, even though I know what’s coming, that scene is gut-wrenching. And what about our first glimpse at Bellatrix, hm?

About to read the Third Task. Yay!


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