HPRC: QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP!! er. Goblet of Fire?

You-Know-What Ahead. Proceed with Caution.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter Reading Challenge: Days 30 – 33

Pages Read: Page 1 (The Riddle House) – Page 192 (The Triwizard Tournament)

First and Foremost: Goblet of Fire might be one of the best titles in the series. I mean, without even picking up the book, we know at some point there’s going to be a Goblet (quite possibly my fave of all liquid holders) and it’s going to relate somehow to fire. I mean, that is hardcore no matter if there’s fire in it, fire surrounding it or if it’s MADE of fire. (And it may be slightly pretentious. But it still rules.)

Quidditch World Cup!!!: Okay, let’s take a moment from our usual post about the biggest OMG and Holy Crap moments and discuss seriously how amazingly awesome the Quidditch World Cup is. (Both in the book and in theory.) As a proud fan of soccer (or Futbol to our foreign friends), I love the World Cup. I will get up at all hours of the night to watch the matches. But the Quidditch World Cup wins hands down. I mean, they even have better SALESMEN! Sigh. (On a related note, I totally feel bad for the Bulgarians. And I feel like I would have been uber upset at Krum. I mean, you have to believe in the team!)

And Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Post…

Biggest OMG Moment: The scene(s) in the woods following the Quidditch World Cup. First: The Dark Mark. That is ten kinds of creepy. I mean, I freak out if it looks like a door may be ajar. I can’t even imagine coming home to the Dark Mark. Second: Winky? Harry’s Wand? WHAAA? Third: Talk about wizard paranoia. Almost all of the adults got extremely carried away, showing just how big of a deal this whole thing is.

Biggest HOLY CRAP that’ll come back in a later book moment: Well, there’s a lot that happens in the first 200ish pages that will come back later in THIS book. But in regards to later on in the series…hm. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes anyone? (Umbridge is already writhing in fear 🙂 )

How Much Do I Love: Having the entire Weasley family together? Best. Fictional. Family. EVER. I mean, you’re like, man, No one in that family can be better than Fred and George. But Bill and Charlie are AWESOME. (Still probably not Fred and George level, but let’s be honest, they don’t get nearly the face time as the twins so we can’t be sure.) The answer to that age old question Who Would You Want to Have Dinner With From A Book? (Okay, maybe that’s not how the question NORMALLY goes, but I’m making it work people!) The Weasley Family. Hands Down.

Although, As an Aside: Keep your eyes on Percy, folks.

But Seriously: Okay, so I like to give all my hopes to underdogs. Which is why I usually am like Draco! You have good in you! Just because your parents were jerks, doesn’t mean you have to be! But I’ve realized on this reread, Draco really is evil. I mean. Really. Well, maybe evil’s too hard of a word. But mean. VERY mean. And I’m now kinda like Draco! Get over yourself! Sigh.

A Note on the Triwizard Tournament: So the Triwizard Tourney is announced in this part of the book. And being it’s such a large part of the remainder, I feel like it is important to note that the Tourney (as it shall probably be henceforth known on this blog) really does seem like a cool idea. But I never really got how it encouraged relations among wizarding schools. You’re basically pitting three schools against each other for a trophy. Now, I understand that really it’s more along the lines of they’re in each other classes so they get used to each other. But I still think there would be some sort of issue due to the competition. I mean look at Gryffindor and Slytherin. They don’t get along and they live together for the better part of 7ish years…

And finally, Rita Skeeter: Oh Rita, you are a person I adore hating. ADORE. HATE. Fantastic.


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