HPRC: PoA By the Numbers

Numerical Spoilers Ahead!

This one was really hard for me to do, due to the long lapse between readings, so probably not 100 percent accurate.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:

Number of Times Harry Is In Mortal Danger: 5 (although one could argue that he’s always in mortal danger with Black on the loose, but since we know the truth, I didn’t include any “danger” caused by the Grim.)

Number of Times Hogwarts, A History is Referenced: 1 (Hermione was a little busy this year with other books, although Snape did come VERY close to referencing it when he reminded the minister that you can’t disapparate out of Hogwarts.)

Trips to Hagrid’s Hut: 5 (Care of Magical Creatures class not included)

Quidditch Matches: 3 (Gryffindor went 2-1 for the season, winning the Quidditch Cup in the finals!)(My favorite Quidditch related lines in the book and possibly the entire series: “‘Jinxed? How could it be Jinxed?’ ‘Sirius Black,’ Harry said wearily. ‘He’s supposed to be after me. So McGonagall reckons he might have sent it.’ Waving aside the information that a famous murderer was after his Seeker….” Harry and Oliver, The Patronus, HP&PoA, page 234)(I’m always so bummed Oliver is gone.)

Trips to the Hospital Wing: 4

Number of Times the Whole School Hates Harry: 0

Number of Times the Whole School Loves Harry: 2


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