HPRC: PoA 2nd Half

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Spoiler Crossing. Proceed with Caution.

Reading Challenge days 19-29 (It’s been a busy few weeks!)

Pages Read: Page 162 (Grim Defeat) – Page 435 (Owl Post Again)(aka The End)

Biggest OMG Moment: Sigh. This is the problem with reading such a large chunk without having time to post. Quite literally there is an OMG moment in every single chapter of the last half of this book. There’s one that is hands down the biggest OMG moment in the entire book, but I’m using it in the Biggest HOLY CRAP moment, so that leaves a bunch of big moments, but they are equally represented as huge moments of revelation. My personal top three, aside from the one I mention in a minute, are 1. Finding out the truth about Lupin aka Moony (Do we ever figure out what his first name is? I know his initials are R.J.), Discovering what’s been up with Hermione all year and when Harry almost receives the Dementor’s Kiss.

UPDATE: As Brynne pointed out, Lupin’s first name is Remus. Which, obviously, I should know. Whoops! What a bad HP fan I am!! (Thanks Brynne!)

Biggest HOLY CRAP that’ll come back in a later book moment: This is also very OMG, but finding out the truth about Scabbers aka Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail. Which is also linked to the truth about Sirius Black aka Padfoot, which ALSO is an OMG moment and HOLY CRAP moment. Talk about your twist. Love it.

Regardless of Big Twists, Favorite Part of the Book: The Gryffindors’ win of the Quidditch Cup (another HUGE thing missing from the film). And anything to do with the Marauder’s Map.

Why I Love Prisoner of Azkaban So Much: Many can tell you, Year 3 is by far one of my fave years for the Trifecta. Which sounds bizarre if you’ve read the book because half the book the Trifecta aren’t speaking to each other (Between Crookshanks and Scabbers and the Firebolt debacle, it was a rough year.), but I think this book – the second half to be even more precise – really marks when these books go from being amazing to being out of this world. The depth Rowling puts into her story (Sirius was mentioned in the FIRST CHAPTER of PS) really becomes prominent and it’s now more than just a story about a school where wizards and witches go and far more epic. Plus, I love Sirius and Lupin. And the Marauder’s Map.

The Rankings:


#1 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

#2 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

#3 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


#1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

#2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

#3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


2 responses to “HPRC: PoA 2nd Half

  1. his first name is Remus.

    • LOL. wow. i was obviously out of it when I made that post. because OBVIOUSLY it’s Remus.

      Sigh. This is probably why one should get a full night sleep before posting…

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