Movie Review: HP&CoS

And now for the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie review:

Favorite Scene: I love the scene right after Gilderoy obliviates his own memory. Actually any scene with Gilderoy Lockhart because Kenneth Brannaugh (totally butchered that spelling) plays him SO well. fantastic casting there. I also love the glimpse of The Burrow. So well done. (Weasley clock!)

Least Favorite Scene: Tie between the flying car sequence and the Aragog sequence.

Biggest thing cut/changed from Book to Film: There aren’t many plot lines cut (although some are noticeably gone, like the valentines, Ron’s detention, Ginny’s confession and the entire Deathday Party), but the thing I missed most is the humor. A lot of the funny one-liners are gone (Fred and George much?). Also, this is the first movie where I really notice that they cut Peeves entirely. And every ghost minus NHN and MM. Which is bizarre.

Favorite Scene/Line Added to the Movie: BY FAR Harry’s “Don’t worry. I will be.” line. Sure, it’s a little cheesy. But such a statement!

Random Observation: This was the last movie Chris Columbus directed. And I have to say that he did a beautiful job on both the first and the second film. Also, I’m very curious to see if the same guy who played Tom Riddle in CoS will play him in HBP. I mean, it’s been a couple years, so I’m thinking no? Countdown continues….


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