HPRC: Cos End Thru Day 13

[spoilers ahead. proceed with caution.]

Pages Read: From 249 (Cornelius Fudge) thru 341 (Dobby’s Reward)

Biggest OMG Moment: hands down, learning who Tom Riddle is. I mean, really. Didn’t see that one coming.

Biggest HOLY CRAP that’ll come back in a later book moment: Pretty much the entire rest of this book. Cornelius Fudge (much to my dismay); Aragog (my even more dismay); the basilisk (for a very small, but awesome moment in DH); Ginny loving Harry. But, obviously the fact that Harry just unknowingly (major spoiler alert) killed off a tiny bit of Voldemort’s soul when he killed the diary is a pretty big moment.

Scariest Scene: I think the Aragog scene is absolutely TERRIFYING. in so many different ways.

Most amazing character transformation: Dobby. Hands down. By the end you just want to give him a hug. BUT i must say I love how Gilderoy ends up in the end. He’s hysterical. I would love to see a whole mini chapter on his trip to st. mungo’s.


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