HPRC: Chamber of Secrets

sp-sp-sp-spoilers! (sounds like prof. quirrell)

Harry Potter Reading Challenge Days 6-10 (aka when the Chamber of Secrets began)

Time Read: Variable over these days.

Pages Read: Page 1 (The Worst Birthday) – Page 121 (end of Mudbloods and Murmers)

New Character I hate the Most: I’ll narrow it down to three: Gilderoy Lockhart, Dobby or Colin Creevey. Colin doesn’t win because he’s so innocent. Dobby grows on you. Ergo, Lockhart wins by a landslide. But he also presents some hysterical-ness.

Biggest OMG moment: When they can’t get through the barrier. Or when Harry gets the letter warning him from using magic.

Favorite Weasley: Arthur. He has one of my fave parts in this book: when he gets back from work and finds out the boys have flown the illegal (in oh so many ways) car (“Did it go alright?’ – Arthur Weasley, page 39). But the twins come in second for their knowledge of muggle lock picking.

Biggest HOLY CRAP that’ll come back in a later book moment: The Whomping Willow. If those branches could talk. (I mean, that’s not asking much. it can already beat the crap out of you.)

How much do I love…: Oliver Wood? That poor burly Quidditch captain wants the Quidditch Cup SO bad. He is the definition of dedicated to his sport.


One response to “HPRC: Chamber of Secrets

  1. Enjoying the recaps! Thanks for the updates.

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