Movie Review: HP&SS

As I said earlier, I opted to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Here’s some random observations made:

Favorite Scene: Toss up between three: When we first see Platform 9 and 3/4s; Quidditch; Wizard’s Chess (IRL version)(Diagon Alley is only slightly behind these three)

Least Favorite Scene: Hm. Not sure on this one. There’s nothing that stands out…oh! I have one! Although it’s not a scene, it’s more about a special effect. I hate the way they animated Firenze. He’s half-human! Come on now!

Biggest thing cut/changed from Book to Film: One of the reasons I love this movie is it is ridiculously true to the book. Lines are literally lifted from the page. Nothing major stands out as a big cut/change, although I can think of a few (Harry goes right to Platform 9 and 3/4 after Diagon Alley; meeting Draco in Diagon Alley; the second Quidditch match; Norbert’s storyline is pretty much none-existant:). Nothing that outrages me, though. Most of them are eliminated or changed for plot purposes.

Favorite Scene/Line Added to the Movie: Like I said above, it’s really not all that different. It’s actually little comments that are added in that take the cake in this category. Ron, Hermione and (in a surprising come from behind) Filtch have by far some of the best throw away comments that aren’t in the book. I laugh out loud every time. Nothing quote worthy (you’d have to quote the entire scene to make the few words make sense), but fantastic none-the-less.

Random Observation: How much do I love watching the older HP movies? They’re all so little! Anyway, I must say that I’m so glad Christopher Columbus stayed so true to the book in this film. It seriously set the tone for the entire series. It would have been easy to add some plot fillers (or go with well-known actor children), but he elected to stay true (and British) and it’s the foundation of the 7 remaining films. If they had screwed this one up, there might have been more and I might have seen them, but I would never love (obsess?) them as I do now (take a page from that Twilight!)(Whoops. Shouldn’t have said that.)( 🙂 ).


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