HPRC: Day Seven; HPPS Wrap-Up

So, I didn’t actually take note of this, so i’m not sure how right these numbers are, but I thought it would be fun!

As usual, SPOILERS AHEAD (in numerical form!)

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:

Number of Times Harry is in Mortal Danger: 5 (I included his meeting with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named [i’m not as brave as harry quite yet] as a baby in this number, but won’t count it again in later books)

Number of Times Hogwarts, A History is referenced: 1 (This is the one I’m least sure of. If anyone remembers more, let me know!)(And how badly do I want a copy of that book?)

Trips to Hagrid’s Hut: 7

Quidditch Matches: 2

Trips to the Hospital Wing: 2

Number of times the whole school hates Harry: 1

Number of times the whole school loves Harry: 3

I wish I would have thought to keep track of points won and lost by the trio, but oh well.

Just thought these were fun. Chamber of Secrets, here I come!


2 responses to “HPRC: Day Seven; HPPS Wrap-Up

  1. so I have yet to take the challenge, but I just had to tell you how ridiculously happy these posts are making me. Like giddy, seriously.

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