HPRC: Day 6


Day 6: Time Read: 40ish minutes?

Pages Read: From 167 (Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback) to 223 (End).

Biggest OMG moment: This one’s tough. The entire last part of the book is an OMG moment. The hooded figure drinking from the unicorn blood? The trio making their way through the various tasks on their way to the Philosopher’s Stone? Hagrid’s acquiring of a dragon? Firenze rescuing Harry in the Forbidden Forest? The winners of the Hogwarts cup (YAY Neville!)? All are very OMG worthy. The biggest one, though, HAS to be when Quirrell revealed what exactly was hiding underneath that turban. That’s ten levels of creepy there.

Biggest sign of foreboding: Maybe it’s not foreboding, but Hagrid mentioned something during Harry, Hermione, Draco and Neville’s detention that totally sets up a later book insanely well: “Writin’ lines! What good’s that ter anyone?” (Hagrid, page 182) If only you knew Hagrid. If only you knew.

Biggest HOLY CRAP That’ll Come Back in a Later Book Moment: When Quirrell couldn’t touch Harry without, you know, burning. And Dumbledore’s subsequent explanation.

Overall thoughts on The Philosopher’s Stone: When you’ve read all the books and know what’s going to happen, the earlier books are slightly harder to get through because there’s a lot of exposition and explanation. However, I love this book because it lets us see the trio become friends. It always amuses me that Ron and Harry have such detestation for Hermione at first. It’s also very fun just getting introduced to all the characters that will continue to make appearances throughout the rest of the books. (One of JKR’s best writing habits is to maintain throughout the series. It’s not like other series where characters are used in one book than dropped in the next. Although sometimes they do appear out of nowhere!)(See what I did there?)

Random Observation: While reading this I realized that there’s a reason why the trio do so well in later books and it’s all thanks to Hermione. I think if Hermione hadn’t been around to push them in scholarly pursuits, (i.e. being the last to stay up and study before exams ALL THE TIME) they would have been WAY worse off later. I always just attributed it to talent, but now you can see that thanks to Hermione, they put in the hours, too. Props to Hermione!

Ranking: Since this is the first one I’ve read, it gets the Top Spot in Best in the Series!

Quick Note: Decided to watch the movie later tonight, so you’ll probably get a movie review. Maybe a cover analyzation as well. Basically cause I don’t want to read more homework.


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