HPRC: Days 2-5


Day Two Stats: Reading Time: Unsure, but not more than an hour.

Pages Read: From page 49 (Diagon Alley) – 97 (thru The Sorting Hat chapter)

Thoughts about the wizarding world: I heart Diagon Alley. Honestly and truly. I want to visit there more than I can explain.

Biggest OMG moment: As a reader who loves the Weasley clan, I have to say I always get uber excited when they make their debut at Platform 9 3/4. However, if we’re going just for OMG in general, I’d say Harry getting his wand (“…holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches, nice and supple.” Mr. Ollivander, pg 65) and learning about its family tree (Do you see what I just did there?).

Biggest Sign of Foreboding: Harry’s scar hurting for the first time. If only he knew then…

which leads to…

Biggest HOLY CRAP That’ll Come Back in a Later Book Moment: His wand. And not just because of the OMG moment described above, but because had he got any other wand, thing might not have ended up the way they did.

Day Three: Didn’t read.

Day Four: Time Read: Not even an hour.

Pages Read: From 98 (The Potions Master) – 132 (thru the Hallowe’en chapter)

Thoughts about Hogwarts: Coolest. classes. ever.

Biggest OMG moment: There are two OMG (groan) moments: When Harry agrees to a midnight duel with Draco; and when Harry and Ron decide to go fight the troll (instead of telling someone that Hermione had missed dinner and could someone please go after her, I mean, we’re 11 here. Seriously. I mean, it’s not like Hermione being in the bathroom would have gotten her in trouble, right?). But by far the biggest OMG (omg) moment is learning about Harry’s awesomely amazing flying abilities.

Day Five: Time Read: 1.5 hours (maybe a little more. tv was on and people were talking to me occasionally.)

Pages Read: From page 133 (Quidditch) – 166 (thru Nicholas Flamel chapter)

Thoughts on Quidditch: So J.K. Rowling may be the most ingenious person ever for the invention of Quidditch alone. Even more ingenious was giving the Quidditch matches quite possibly one of the best sportscasters written in Lee Jordan. (Sorry Luna.)

Thoughts on the library of Hogwarts: Talk about a fancy alarm system. Screaming books? I wonder where that falls in the censorship category? Also, I know JKR has released two Hogwarts “library” book and she plans on doing an encyclopedia, but does anyone else have any interest in reading “Hogwarts, A History?” Because I think it might be one of the number one cited books in this series. And I covet it. (For those of you who don’t know, Hogwarts, A History tells us many facts about Hogwarts and its history, but most importantly that you cannot apparate or disapparate on the school grounds.)

Biggest OMG moment: Probably when the trio figures out who Nicholas Flamel is and what exactly he has to do with what’s hiding in the castle. It’s not exactly the most exciting moment (the first Quidditch match? Harry’s first trip in the invisibility cloak? the Mirror of Erised?) but it is a huge moment in the plot. Now we start to see exactly what’s at stake.

Biggest HOLY CRAP That’ll Come Back in a Later Book Moment: Hands down when Harry gets the invisibility cloak for his Christmas present. Because knowing what I know now, that is one helluva gift.


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