HP: Philosopher’s Stone: Day 1

There be Spoilers Ahead! (And let’s face it, if you don’t want to have these books spoiled, you should drop everything and READ THEM NOW!)

I allowed myself to read for one hour. This let me get from Chapter One, Page One until the end of Chapter Four, Page 48.

Okay, we all know how much I love my HP, but I have to be frank with you all. The first four chapters are SO hard to get through. They serve a huge purpose – setting up the ENTIRE seven-book storyline and introducing major pivotal characters (some of them are only mentioned in one sentence or short section, i.e. Sirius Black and Mrs. Figg.), but once you KNOW all this you’re just waiting for Hogwarts. Or at least Diagon Alley. Anyone else feel this way?

Another random surprise I had. This is the first time I’ve read PS since reading the end of the series. So imagine my surprise that I actually feel kinda bad for the Dursley’s. I mean, they’re TERRIBLE, right? But all I can think (right now anyway) is that at least they agreed to take Harry in and give him food and shelter. Mostly this is all because I’m sympathetic to their parting in the Book the Seventh. I expect it to pass.

The other weird thing that I noticed myself doing was trying to fit in the timeline of the OTHER storylines going on while Harry is waiting in his basket on the Dursley’s porch (i.e. Sirius going after Wormtail).

One thing did bug me, though. Harry is constantly meeting wizards who shake his hand, etc., as he grows up. How did they know not to talk to him? I mean, was there a decree? Because if I saw the most famous boy wizard ever on the street, I probably wouldn’t just shake his hand. I’d want to chat.

So basically 48 pages of a lot of exposition with the real excitement coming in the form of a parchment letter with green ink (how bad do I want one of those?). It took a lot of self-control not to skip ahead, but totally worth it because up next is Diagon Alley!

Day One

Time spend reading: 1 hour.

Pages read: 48 (Four Chapters).

Thoughts about Harry: We don’t know much about him, other than to feel sorry for him. And that he can be quick-witted. And that he’s a wizard!

Biggest OMG moment: Letters in the eggs. And Hagrid’s entrance always gets an OMG.


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