Harry Potter Reading Challenge: Picking the Book

The reading challenge has begun! More on how far I am and what I think thus far in a bit, but first I must tell a random story.

I’m not sure how many people know this, but I collect Harry Potter books.


It started randomly, from a few different angles. The first (and foremost) being that I wanted both a hardback and paperback version of each book. One to look pretty on my shelf and one to travel with. Second, I opted to read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Spanish my Freshman year of college, which my local bookstore carried. Third, my neighbor traveled to England. And while on a train, he was reading Goblet of Fire. And so was a youngish-girl in the seat next to him. Except it wasn’t the same book. British kids books are WAY compact. Even the hardcovers. So they swapped. He brought it home and showed me and I coveted it. So, the next time I was in Canada, I picked up Philosopher’s Stone in the British version (including all British slang – awesome). And thus, my collection was born.

I really don’t have that many. My goal is to get one in every country I travel to (assuming it’s a new version.), although I did in fact pick up the latin version of PS at the same bookstore I found the spanish one at (I mean, I had to right? LATIN.)

So, currently, I own ten (that’s right, ten) copies of Year One. One of the American hardback, two American pprback first edition, one American pprback reissue (damn you Scholastic), One British hardback, one British pprback (it was in a box set), One spanish, One Latin, One American hardcover 10th anniversary edition and one British adult paperback (first issue).

So, when I’m rereading, it’s always a choice of which one I read. This time I have opted for my all-time favorite cover EVER: The British adult paperback (which when I went to get that image from Chapters, OF COURSE they are the one bookstore to still have these editions in stock. so OF COURSE i had to by COS and GOF. sigh.) These covers aren’t to be confused with the newer adult covers (which I do love), these covers are BETTER. They only released the first four with these covers and I have craved them forever. So when Amazon.ca started clearing them out, I bought one of the PS and POA because it was all they had left.

It’s a sickness. But my bookshelf is uber colorful!

And that’s the edition I’m reading from. So page numbers are bound to be different!

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