My Most Excellent Year

A Novel of Love, Mary Poppins & Fenway Park

by Steve Kluger.

Basic Summary: The story centers around three teens (T.C., Augie and Ale) and their freshman year in high school. This is usually where I segue into how this story shows how these three kids grow up together. But it\’s not about that. I mean it is, but it\’s not the main purpose. This is a terrible explanation, let me start over.

My Most Excellent Year is told from the view point of three teens (T.C., Augie, and Ale), each writing about their most excellent year. Not surprisingly, each chose their freshman year to write about. Using a heavy dose of comedy, the book follows the three teens as they join forces (both willingly and unwillingly) to accomplish their goals.

This is still a bad summary, but believe me, I can\’t really form words to summarize this book well. No matter what I say it will never reach the level of amazingness that is this novel.

Kell’s Chatty Review: As mentioned above, I loved this book. It\’s a little slow at first. The whole introduction of the characters and whatnot. But once I got into it, I couldn\’t put it down. Not because I HAD to find out what happened, but rather because I WANTED to. It was delightful. It would have been really easy to make the characters typical and predicatable, but Kluger did an amazing job at keeping each one unique and awesome. It also has to be one of the best stories about friendship ever written.

Is it worth the read: Yes. No other explanation is needed. Just read it.

But Kell, I don\’t like Musicals/Baseball/Love? It doesn\’t matter too much. I\’m not a huge baseball fan myself, but in the case of the story, its purpose was to provide character depth and common ground for the story. Not liking musicals might be a little harder to get over. But really, it\’s worth it. Honestly, it is. If you don\’t like love than this book is not for you. Nor is many of the others I will be reviewing.

What this book taught me about life: Besides the random facts about baseball (including, but not limited to, the Black Socks and Bucky F. Dent), that there is more than one definition of family.

Best guest-star in the novel: Guest star? There are guest stars in books? Oh yes. And this one is fab-u-lous.

What I most want to do after reading this book: Watch Mary Poppins and learn sign-language.

Favorite Passage: [this is after Augie makes football-to-theater conversions] \”Why didn\’t someone tell me that football was such a no-brainer?! The Colts went for the extra curtain call but then Crawford sang for them and Marvin Harrison got in the way of Merm. Friesz\’s kick held the high C for six seconds and forty-three yards, Ellison was waiting on the chorus line, and the Pats won 21-17.\” (My Most Excellent Year, page 316.)

Re-Readability Rating: Five. Truth be told, I borrowed this book from a friend and when I finished it, I ordered myself a copy. THAT is how much I loved it.


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