The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl

by Barry Lyga.

Basic Summary: Fanboy (aka Don, or Donnie to his mom) is a smart, intelligent, comic book-loving geek. Unfortunately, he only has one friend (Cal – united via love of comic books), who hangs out with the crowd that has pretty much made life hell. Here’s the catch, Fanboy has a secret project. One that will get him out of Dodge. But he hasn’t told anyone. Not even Cal. Enter Goth Girl (aka Kyra), who pushes herself into Fanboy’s life after witnessing an all-too-embarrassing (but kinda studly) moment with a bully. To say that Fanboy’s world will be rocked is kind of an understatement.

Kell’s Chatty Review: Oh fanboy and goth girl. I wanted to love you. I really, truly, honestly did.

But I didn’t. I would def. say liked, but not loved. Here’s why:

For my personal taste, the characters were so extreme. It took me to the middle of the story to decided if I even liked Fanboy. Goth Girl had such potential to not be overly annoying, but never came through. There was never that moment at the end that was like YES! I get why she’s all angsty now. Which was frustrating.

Is it worth the read: Yes. Here’s why:

All that stuff I just mentioned up there, the stuff I didn’t like? It made the story make sense. Instead of solving everything and tying it with a bow, Lyga required the readers be intelligent enough to work through the material. And you do have to work for it. That right there made it worth the read. The characters were messy and angsty and didn’t fit together perfectly. Which made them interesting. Which made for an interesting read.

So, why not love then? Bottom line, it was overly sullen for my taste. And I hate when you only get puzzle pieces of backstory. This does not equal bad book, though. My tastes made me like it, not love it.

What this book taught me about life: Like the subplots, sometimes you have to piece things together on your own. (Kyra gets it.)

What I most want to do after reading this book: Read Schemata.

Favorite Passage: “Kyra would know what to do. She’d zing him. Or light his pants on fire. Something.” (The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl, page 255).

Re-Readability Rating: On a scale of five bookmarks, five being will reread every chance I get and 0 being not at chance, this one receives a solid 3.


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