Post, The First

Hello all those book lovers out there!

My name is Kellie and this is the first post of The Re-Shelf. Let me start off by introducing myself.

I’m in my mid-twenties and currently in grad school to be a librarian. I have the stereotypical two cats and more books than my bookshelves can hold. I decided to start this blog because I love discussing books and authors and after a semester of doing both books discussions and blogs, I think it would be fun to explore the merging of those two items.

I tend to prefer young adult books, so you will mostly find those books reviewed here (esp. since I’m taking a young adult literature class right now). Other books tend to trickle in, however, so expect anything and everything.

As a warning, I have no taste. Seriously. So I tend to like EVERYTHING. That won’t stop me from putting up a bad review, but I’m not here to debate the literary contribution each book makes but rather if the book was enjoyable, funny, sentimental, etc.

As a final note on spoilers: I will put a spoiler warning if there are spoilers. I have a sneaking suspicion that there might be some, because sometimes the ending can make or break a book and therefore, have a large impact on the review.

Thanks for your interest and hope you keep checking back!



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